What Happened and Where Am I? The College to Adult Transition

When you become a legal adult in America,the world is your metaphorical mollusk. You turn eighteen and you can vote, buy a lottery ticket, get that tattoo you always wanted, and even donate blood. You finish high school, finish college, and then, if you decide not pursue a graduate degree or some form of higher education, your education road is over. You become a fully fledged graduate and the world is colored in a different light. Think of it this way:

You’re in college and things are often feel like this:

But then very quickly after college, it starts looking like this:

And then when everyone else you know is continuing undergrad or starting graduate programs and you are still job-less, you wonder how it would feel to go back to your alma mater for one more year:

After college, there are no more essays, no more tests, no more late nights finishing your tedious eight page essay about MLK’s use of rhetoric and persuasion in Letter From Birmingham Jail and that is exciting. There are so many pressures lifted off of your mind. But wait, now the real world begins and by the real world, I mean having a job.

I thought I would have a job after I graduated college.

That didn’t happen.

I thought I could move out of my parent’s house in less than a year to be financially independent.

That (doesn’t look like it’s going to) happen.

I thought I would be starting my dream career with a freshly inked diploma.

That hasn’t happened, but I still have hope it will.

With all of my searching and all of my persistence, my job search has often felt like a desert and I am still digging looking for a hint of water. But I know where to look and I know I have to keep trying. There is no option of giving up, or giving in under pressure, nothing in life is worth more than discovering who you are and what you are capable of.

So, I will keep going because I have to and because trying and being disappointed, is better than being stationary. You don’t always have to know, you just have to try.

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