Is carpet cleaning a profitable business?

Yes, it can be. However, it has been said that the most difficult stain to remove is the one on your reputation. Shoddy treatment of even one customer can result in a nasty review on Google, which in turn can do serious damage to that reputation.

I agree with Michael who recommended classes and proper certification by IICRC. You absolutely must — repeat, must — thoroughly understand the cleaning problems you may run into in this business. Your only way to counter those problems is to avoid them, and the key to this avoidance is knowledge and experience. Study and learn.

Apart from the other aspects, carpet cleaning business is quite easy to handle but you have to make sure you and your team is well equipped with cleaning tools and the team is really good for professional carpet cleaning, stain & bug removal or any other service you do offer to clients.

Next, don’t be afraid to charge fairly for your services. Give a cut rate and you will soon get the reputation of being a cut-rate business — a guarantee of ultimate failure.

And finally, be truthful — always. Conduct yourself with honesty and integrity, without exception. If you made a mistake, admit it and make it right again. Your customers will quickly learn and respect you and your good reputation will grow.