Where Do We Go?

Spaghetti. Ashleigh, my best friend since high school, came over for dinner last night and we ate a lot of wheat and cheese. Apparently neither of us should be eating these things but look … It’s spaghetti! How can you say no?!

As what usually happens when we get together conversation turned to uni, how we can’t wait to finish and finally relax and what in the hell are we going to do when we graduate? To me, university has been a safety net, as each year has passed I have thought: “I don’t need to have concrete ideas yet because I still have another year”. Because I knew that I would be going back for another year of study, thinking about what I will do afterwards rarely crossed my mind.

A few people that we went to high school with are overseas, traveling and exploring new places, plastering Facebook and Instagram with their pictures. I would love to travel, I’ve only ever been to Tasmania, Queensland and Alice Springs, and would love to see so much more, of both Australia and overseas. Could we just finish uni and set off overseas? Why not? Who says that straight after graduating we must have a job? Why can’t we explore far-away places first, gain knowledge and experiences of a different kind before settling into working life?

The more I think about it the stronger the pull of travel is, and with my best friend as company would be amazing. I know I’m not the only one, a girl I’ve become friends with in my media class says she wants to disappear into Europe after graduation … Sounds great to me.

I know I must be realistic about this, I need money to travel, haven’t I been considering Honours? And what about living arrangements for next year? This will take preparation and discussion, not just taking off straight after my last assignment, but I can dream can’t I?

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