Our species’ male-dominated way of operating clearly does not work
Twelve Thoughts On Feminism And Its Place In Today’s Political Environment
Caitlin Johnstone

Clearly? As opposed to what? Some utopian fantasy you’ve created in your head. Compared to where we were when the ‘patriarchy’ started (hunter-gatherers that lived short, brutal lives) to where we are now, I see a lot of progress.

I would posit there are only three concrete ways to measure one’s life: wealth, health and family. While I would rank family at the top of my list, it is also the most subjective.

I guess we could argue the point, but the act of child birth pretty clearly gives women a commanding lead when it comes to family. And while we could debate who actually controls the purse strings, I’ll concede that men are generally better compensated. So the wealth category falls in the male column. The one undisputed calculation is lifespan, which falls squarely with women.

So, by my calculation, women are winning on two of the three ways we measure success in life. When you get to work on extending male lifespans, and men have equal access to the full scope of parenting, I’ll know you’re serious about true equality.

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