In this case the victims made a journey that many people die on. The journey to Tijuana is not easy and should be celebrated when completed.
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Eric Tyler Landon


First, if you were born (and presumably live) in the United States, you are NOT a Mexican - you are an American!

Given that confusion, maybe you’re just confused on ‘celebrating’ a journey that creates a great deal of misery. Unfortunately, I believe you’re more likely being dishonest, and willing to use these peoples’ suffering (the rape, murder, violence and virtual slavery) for your own political goals.

Explain to me, exactly, how allowing a small percentage of Hondurans (supposedly their best & brightest) to emigrate to the US, improves the situation for the vast majority of Hondurans? Obviously, it doesn’t. Is it that you only care about the few that make the trip? No, I don’t believe you really care about any of them. I have my guess what your real goal is (it has a lot to do with identifying yourself as Mexican), but why don’t you put your real cards on the table and tell us.