An Open Letter from Social Entrepreneurs to President Trump
Skoll Foundation

I have to admit, my eyes did glaze over a bit reading the list of my “betters” at the end of your declaration of moral superiority (not to mention re-writing of history), but I could not find a SINGLE organization that has helped the small, rustbelt community I live in. This area has been hit hard by the decline in the domestic auto industry and housing collapse (housing has barely recovered their 2006 valuations — many areas likely never will).

As if these people haven’t suffered enough, you want to keep your boot on their throats by importing more low-wage workers and government teat-suckers.

Helping people, through personal sacrifice, whether here or abroad, is an admirable goal. But your insistence on unfettered access to this country by anyone from anywhere is exacting a cost on the American citizen they should not be forced to bear.

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