These baseless accusations against the press were met with applause
These Rights Are Not Yours to Give
Graham Glusman

Its real hard to take you seriously when leading off your second paragraph with easily provable nonsense. I guess you could hold your breath and stomp your feet, bleating about Trumps’ nefarious Russian connections — but until you produce any proof, I’ll go with the more logical conclusion that many foreign parties exercised their own best interests, without regard or input from the Trump campaign. What you can’t argue is what happened to the MLK bust in the oval office.

The fact is the majority of the main stream press is philosophically and (even more so) emotionally opposed to President Trump. Far too many of these same people are deeply connected to the Democrat Party. It is not unreasonable to see these connections and the unrelenting negative portrayal of the Trump administration by these people.

Beyond that, the whole thrust of your article is misplaced — the cheering crowds at CPAC (and Trump rallies in general) are not engaged in the rigorous intellectual argument you are trying to have.

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