I believe some Dems hired thugs, but those are very rare and outlier instances and conspiracy…
Sand Farnia

There is no rarity to democrat thuggary (see the SEIU actions during the last presidential election cycle), the only question is how many are TrueBelievers and which ones are just in it for the money. And how, exactly, is hiring thugs to instigate violence — there by trampling the civil rights of a political opponent — any less an offense then, say breaking into a political opponents office and stealing some files?

As for your Russian conspiracy, what proof do you have that RNC files were compromised? Furthermore, actual collusion between Trump staffers and Russian apparatchiks would be a HUGE problem (I’m not certain of the legalities, but it sounds impeachable to me if Trump was involved).

But as far as what I think can be reasonably assumed, the Russians did no more than what our State Department and intelligence services do around the world EVERY DAY!

Look at it this way, even the worst allegations against the Russians don’t make a case that they impeded one single person from exercising their right to vote. On the contrary, I believe the physical violence exacted on Trump supporters, bought and paid for by democrats, did intimidate some Republican voters (though apparently, not many — we’re made of hearty stuff).

I think a very credible case can be made that Lois Lerner and her henchmen at the IRS did, in fact, through the targeting of pro-conservative groups, infringe their rights to assemble and petition the government (money = free speech).

So to bring this full circle, when someone challenges your conspiratorial suppositions with history and facts, your response is to challenge their mental state? OK, got it.

As for me, I KNOW the Russians (read: Putin) are guided by self-interest and have no problem with some very dirty dealings. I also believe, if given the chance (and it looks like the Dem’s poor data security measures gave them the chance) they would jump at the chance to weaken their assumed geo-political opponent — no matter how much money they put in her pockets (read: Uranium One). But that doesn’t mean Putin has put 19% of Rosnoft in Trump’s back pocket (boy will I feel stupid if he did).

As for the ‘hacked’ emails — the ONE reason I believe the Russians had a hand in their dissemination is that there are no Hillary emails. They held on to them as leverage over President Hillary Clinton. Fortunately, we dodged that bullet when the good people of the United States saw fit to defy all the prognosticators (including the Russian ones) and elect Donald J. Trump.

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