Climate change is not a theory, the world is getting warmer and even critics acnowledge that.
Nicolás Rodríguez

Yes, the climate is changing - and at least locally - has moderated (both winter and summer extremes are less now than at anytime in recorded history). Where I live, this has been a great benefit. But as this trend goes back at least 10,000 years, I find it hard to believe the burning of coal is the culprit.

I am also old enough to remember how routinely wrong the scientific community has been, in just the last several decades. When I was a young teen, I was fascinated by Carl Sagan’s Cosmos mini-series. I watched and re-watched every episode — and yet less than five years later, while watching the series (again) in a high-school science class, it was clear, over and over, how many things were just flat out wrong (don’t believe me, go grab a couple episodes at random and have a watch).

I could go through the math, to explain the truly marginal amounts of anthropogenic CO2, and how these theoretical ‘forcings’ are overwhelmed by other influencers in the environment - but my guess is you are a TrueBeliever and all the logic and data in the world won’t change your beliefs. I often see any AGW counter evidence dismissed as being the product of the fossil fuels industry. But that’s a sword that cuts both ways. Every scientist (and bureaucrat) pushing the GW agenda stands to gain, financially and/or politically. And when you look a level deeper, you’ll find many that hold a world-view antithetical to humanity.

I am all for a cleaner environment, and agree that pollution generated by the burning of fossil fuels needs to be curtailed: but the equation isn’t as simple as reducing fossil fuels equals a cleaner world. I also know that the kind of economic distortion propagated by AGW proponents will leave us all poorer in the long run.


Yesterday, I watch a report on SKY News about cobalt mining in the DRC. In brief, it exposed the absolutely deplorable conditions children, as young as FOUR, with their bare fingers, scratch out an existence. This type of mining is literally killing the people and the environment. It is also the type of situation, replicated all across the developing world, that would be made immeasurably better by a whole lot of fossil fuels.