The World Belongs To Those Who Hustle

In a world that nurtures conformism, hustlers strive to beat the odds & follow what they believe to be an adventure worth opting for.

Kolkata — the city of joy — began nurturing a passion for dance in the heart of Firoz — a boy from one of the city’s shelter homes. He already had several performances under his belt due to cultural events held at his shelter home and often choreographed the routines as well. To him, dancing was a natural exercise. It uplifted his spirits and freed him like little else could.

At MAD, we knew about Firoz’s commitment to dancing from the start. So back in 2013, Firoz became a part of the Propel Project* that aims to keep the child’s career track as interest-based as possible. At that time, Firoz was in 11th grade and his wingman — Sundeep Balakrishnan — knew that in order to channel Firoz’s passion into a tangible idea, hustling was probably the only option. Therefore, during his summer break, Firoz began his journey by doing a short workshop-cum-internship at Padathik, a city-based cultural organisation.

Later, Sundeep had focussed him further into Dance Choreography, given that there are so many possible specializations in any field. Aside from finding out more about dance through the internet, Firoz and Sundeep visited dance institutes to see which one would be the better fit for him, and finally zeroed in on Sangvee Dance Institute.

Sundeep and Firoz having a conversation.

Sangvee asked Firoz to come for six classes initially to understand his level. Sundeep held no doubt about Firoz’s abilities and soon he was proven right given that they were extremely pleased with him.

“The other students noticed him, asked the trainer about him after the first class, and initiated friendly chats with him later on,” said Sangvee. “He picked up the steps so quickly that even though he was a late entrant for that batch, he had almost caught up with the rest in the first six classes.”

Apart from this, Firoz has a student of his own, and does the odd freelancing choreography job as and when he can. His wingman, Sundeep, observed his choreography class and and said: “He surprised me by how mature and sensible he was as a teacher. His student was older than he, but he was firm, had come prepared for the class with his own recording, and had a distinct style of teaching which even the student realized and acknowledged by the end of the session.”


Now, Firoz is learning a variety of modern styles at Sangvee on a regular basis and Sangvee itself has said, “We are not his final stop. He will learn best with a dance troupe and we will present him to troupes we know.”

With every move of his, Sundeep and Firoz inspire us to hustle. They remind us that the world is crafted by people who protect the fire and never give in to the demands of despair & noises inside them. In a world that nurtures conformism, hustlers strive to beat the odds & follow what they believe to be an adventure worth opting for. Undying passion & a commitment that uplifts everyone around them are their characteristics; cultivated and nurtured by time and pain. Sundeep and Firoz remind us that following that magic inside you maybe difficult, but it sure is worth it.

In Kolkata, they say Firoz will go places; and the Propel Team chooses to believe in his magic and hustle for it.

*Propel Project enables children to build their career paths that are in sync with their interests and is aimed at those who are poised to pass out from shelter homes. By pairing them with a spirited volunteer, called a “Wingman”, Propel project aims to motivate, inspire and facilitate their journey towards an independent and sustainable life.