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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

A GIF? SO much more!

If you’re a business wanting to promote your brand, sometimes all you need is a little extra “pizzazz” to get your message out

Luckily, here at Make A GIF, we’re big fans of effective subtle marketing…

One of the most popular questions I’ve seen thus far was how to delete a GIF once it’s been uploaded.

Word of advice : If you’re creating GIFs using sensitive material (NSFW) always consider the consequences when uploading it on the internet for the public eye to see.

The method…

Photo from our make a gif user Leonard :)

Andrea here from Make a Gif! Based on popular demand, I’m going to show you guys how easy it is to create a GIF using photos :)

This is the first out of a series of interactive “how to” articles to kick start your GIF making skills.

I’m happy to…

Make A GIF

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