In a vast sea of empty, text driven emails, GIFS are a sight for sore eyes.

Not just for you, but for your email leads/customers as well!

Let’s face it : A GIF aka a looping animation has taken the web by storm and it doesn’t seem to be losing momentum anytime soon

According to Digital Doughnut :

  • 23 million GIFs are posted to Tumblr every day
  • 5 million GIFs are exchanged on Facebook Messenger daily
  • More than 2 million GIF interactions take place on Slack monthly
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With that being said, here are 4 reasons to use GIFS in your next email campaign :

1. They Convey What Words Cannot Express

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🍕all day, everyday

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

A GIF? SO much more!

If you’re a business wanting to promote your brand, sometimes all you need is a little extra “pizzazz” to get your message out

Luckily, here at Make A GIF, we’re big fans of effective subtle marketing over the flashy stuff

Which is why our custom watermark feature allows you to upload your own and feature it in your GIF of art!

Here’s how :

Step 1 :

  • Log in with your premium account
  • Head over to the top right corner where your profile is, click the drop down menu and select…

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These hilariously bad special effects GIFs from movie and TV will make you literally LOL for sure, and best of all you don’t have to sit through some of these turkeys (though there are some solid winners in there with a few regrettable scenes) just to giggle at these funny visual effects.


One of the most popular questions I’ve seen thus far was how to delete a GIF once it’s been uploaded.

Word of advice : If you’re creating GIFs using sensitive material (NSFW) always consider the consequences when uploading it on the internet for the public eye to see.

The method of deleting your GIF varies on whether you have a free or premium account.

For Free Users : Request Deletion

Head over to the bottom of the home page and click “Request Deletion

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Once there, fill out the form, adding the URL to your GIF (you can simply copy and paste it).

Once your request is…

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Photo from our make a gif user Leonard :)

Andrea here from Make a Gif! Based on popular demand, I’m going to show you guys how easy it is to create a GIF using photos :)

This is the first out of a series of interactive “how to” articles to kick start your GIF making skills.

I’m happy to have one of our very own GIF users Leonard aka the “celebrity whisperer share his numerous celebrity meet n greets into fun animated GIFS !

# Step 1 : Select your photos

Head over to Make a Gif, select Pictures to GIF

It’s Hump Day everybody!

And the entire world knows.. the struggle is real

Why is why the Internet has given birth to #WednesdayWisdom GIFs:

a place where inspirational quotes, messages, and images, are shared to help get the human race carry on until the goal of Friday at 5:00 PM is reached.

We’re getting in on spreading the good vibes around to make the mid-week awesome, so please enjoy our dose of #WednesdayWisdom and have the best week of your life…right now!

The week is only half over, it’s Hump Day:

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And if you’re not sure you have the strength to go on, just listen to the Motivational Penguin!

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