4 reasons to use GIFS in your Next Email Marketing Campaign

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Apr 18, 2018 · 3 min read

In a vast sea of empty, text driven emails, GIFS are a sight for sore eyes.

Not just for you, but for your email leads/customers as well!

Let’s face it : A GIF aka a looping animation has taken the web by storm and it doesn’t seem to be losing momentum anytime soon

According to Digital Doughnut :

  • 23 million GIFs are posted to Tumblr every day
  • 5 million GIFs are exchanged on Facebook Messenger daily
  • More than 2 million GIF interactions take place on Slack monthly

With that being said, here are 4 reasons to use GIFS in your next email campaign :

1. They Convey What Words Cannot Express


Not everyone like words. In fact too much of them, can be *gasp* a turn off for some.

In today’s digital age, people’s attention spans are scarce.

A picture may be worth a thousand words but an average GIF “ contains sixty frames” and as a result :

is capable of conveying 60,000 words — the same as the average novel.”

A Single GIF = expressing 60,000 words in an email? Enough said!

2. They’re Fun and Appeal to User’s Emotions


From grumpy cat, to TV references from Parks & Rec, to president Trump’s overt expressions, GIFS bring people together .

Their broad range of sentiments and pop culture references appeals to the audience’s emotions.

As a result, GIFS hook users in and keep them entertained

Entertained + Engaged = 😃

3. They Show, Don’t Tell


When it comes to marketing : Showing vs Telling comes a long way

Case in point “showing” a newly redesigned interface like Mail Chimp did:

By “showing” a product’s new interface/ features, MailChimp illustrated a complex concept in a digestible manner.

They’ve stood out from the competition by not relying on lengthy blocks of text to describe it (Confusion, anyone? 😕)

In the end, adding animated GIFS not only simplifies your message but leaves a memorable impression on your email leads as well

After all, people only remember 20% of the text they read without visuals 🙈

4. They Can Visibly Increase CTR/ Conversion Rate


A well optimized and purposeful GIF can work wonders in increasing your CTR and conversion rate.

Dell for instance, saw a visible increase in revenue by 109%, 42 % CTR and 6 % open rate

All thanks to their GIF-centric email campaign


Similar to Mail Chimp, by communicating “how” their “12 Convertible Ultrabook” worked through the power of a GIF

After all, static imagery wasn’t going to cut it, they needed something with a little extra “pizzazz” 😉

Which reminds us once again the Power of an Animated GIF 💃


From new product launches, to promotional deals, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the wonderful world of GIF making !

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