Scars heal, but with time

Unlike wounds, scars leave a mark. But they heal, only with time and effort. No one has control over time to fast forward it, or to rewind, thank god for that. Some things should be left alone to perform their discourse. The Effort, on the other hand, is manageable, driven by various factors like intrinsic motivation, external circumstances, psychological well-being, and a lot more.

Scars and efforts when combined together, creates legends, spectacularly inspiring stories, and epic journies that are worth hearing. Unfortunately, the path is rugged for the one actually switching between the two.

If you have been scarred, which you have, for no active person can possibly escape the consequences of an effort, you know how painful it is. Painful to the psyche, painful to heart, painful to the soul too sometimes. But the pain is temporary and results less temporary than the pain. The scars that experiences leave behind are constant reminders of the battles won, of pain overcome, and the chapters read. Scars tell a legend.

Do not be afraid of scars, as body and soul are a slate and journeys chalk. You are a living soul, it is inevitable.

Take time, breathe, inhale the stillness of a serene ocean. Live. Give it some time. Take time. It is your tool. It is your journey.

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