My Path to Knowing Thyself

I want to tell you a story. Better yet, I feel the need to tell my story. Three years ago, I was in a state of depression. I was a single mother of a beautiful baby girl and I was proud to be her mother but — — my personal life was in shambles. I couldn’t hold down a job and I was going back and forth between being broke and living paycheck to paycheck. On one cool spring day, I decided to go outside to catch some fresh air. While I was outside, I decided to browse YouTube. Now, one a normal day, I wouldn’t even engage in watching videos from YouTube but one that day, I decided to watch videos because I was bored.

As I was strolling through the various videos on the many different places that people of African descent originated from, I strolled down to the very last video and it was very intriguing. The video was called “Dreams and the Underworld” by Bobby Hemmitt. Now, at this point, I had two questions in my mind: “ Why is this video featured in my search results?” and “What does this video have to do with the origins of people of African descent?” After pondering these two questions for a quick second, I decided to watch the video. Now mind you, this video was about 6–8 hours long but this didn’t discourage me. I proceeded to watch this video and I was immediately blown away! This video and the information that it presented was new information to me. I was overly ecstatic because ANYONE that knows me KNOWS I’m a truth and knowledge seeker!

For more than a year, I discovered and watched just about every video that featured Bobby Hemmitt. After this initial point, I KNEW that I’d run into information that has changed my life! All of the information that he shared is all about knowledge of self and what we truly are. I’ve learned some much knowledge about knowing myself and even though my life still consists of it’s ups and downs, I still prevail through it all and I do not lose light of the knowledge of myself. Ever since last year in 2015, I decided to pursue my dreams of being a full-time blogger, freelance writer, affiliate writer and an entrepreneur. I’ve had many people tell me that my dreams of being a successful online entrepreneur will never work. Truth is — — I have been working constantly to establish my goals, dreams and aspirations.

I have some words of wisdom for the newbies who have similar goals as mines: NEVER GIVE UP! Life isn’t suppose to be easy. You must KNOW what it is that you want and GO FOR IT! And most importantly, you must DO THE WORK! Just because you did not take up the traditional route as most people do and go out and work for somebody else, doesn’t mean you will not succeed. Doing such things will give you a firm foundation into knowing thyself. Also, do not let others dictate how you should life your life! This includes: what religion you belong to or what types of food you eat. Because being who you TRULY are has nothing to do with your religion nor what foods you eat. KNOWING THYSELF and what you want in life is TRULY the best way to live life.