Make Blackout Poetry: A Community of Hope

With a strong belief that an idea championed by a community could grow faster and have a lasting impact, Make Blackout Poetry started out as an experiment to see if that was true. Could an art form create a community that would positively impact people’s lives on a daily basis? Over the last two years, I’ve been overwhelmed by the response to the experiment as the community grows daily, spreading hidden messages, not just of hope, but love, creativity, and authenticity.

The original goal of Make Blackout Poetry for myself was to make a blackout poem everyday and post it online anonymously. Blackout poetry was the discipline that helped me form a habit of being creative. After the first year was over, people asked me if I was going to keep posting daily — of course, I was (for the most part). The habit had already formed. Two years have gone by now, and quite honestly I don’t really feel like slowing down. Though, I do feel the need to change it up!

So many amazing blackout poems have been created by this community, so much in fact that I don’t feel that only sharing one post a week from the community really showcases and highlights the amount of talent that this group actually has. Every week I pour over each blackout poem posted with the #makeblackoutpoetry hashtag and try to decide who will be the one. I’ve got to be honest with you, it’s tough.

As I write this, I have 819 Instagram posts using the hashtag #makeblackoutpoetry. The rest of the community has used the hashtag on Instagram to create an amazing 6,749 posts! To keep it simple, Make Blackout Poetry has outgrown me. It’s not just me anymore. It’s you! It’s all of us creating day in and day out. I think that should be celebrated!

Make Blackout Poetry was never about me. It was about an idea. This community has taken that idea and run with it. From now on, Make Blackout Poetry will be dedicated to giving back to the artists and writers who make this vision a reality.

Moving forward, there will be more community posts on Make Blackout Poetry. I’ll still be posting my original blackouts weekly and I’ll be sending out an exclusive blackout poem weekly via email.

I appreciate everyone that has liked, shared, retweeted, reblogged, and contributed to the Make Blackout Poetry community. I’m excited to see where it goes from here.

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(Update: Since writing this post I’ve released a book of blackout poetry called, Hidden Messages of Hope. Click here to pick up a copy.)