The progress of a creative idea

Recently we started working with a new client who produce substrates and minerals for sporting surfaces. When we presented our initial creative ideas back to him, he exclaimed he was spoilt for choice. This was like oxygen to me as I think the most important thing any agency can give its clients is a great creative idea. One that ‘has legs’ as we say in the studio. Big, strong legs. Legs like Stuart Pearce that can run happily all day long across all forms of media.

So how are those ideas generated? Briefs are read and discussed, and from these conversations ideas are formed and scamps made. The most important tool for me is my layout pad it allows me to capture ideas quickly — I can draw, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t, these aren’t masterpieces but doodles that capture the energy and beginning of a great idea! Just as well really because I type as fast as a sloth on valium.

Half a pad of thoughts!
The seed of an idea
Presenting to the client

Route selected, lets produce it, but how? Well we had to hire a boot from our friends at the National Football Museum (thanks Sally), select a photographer — the lovely Johnny Oakes and get Studio Lidell to create a cross section render of a golf ball — easy!

Here’s a couple of the final images, we’ll put the finished project on the site when it’s ready along with exhibition stand and microsite that we’re producing.