Wall art, Warhol style

As with the other pieces of art that we’ve created for our office we wanted to celebrate the basic tools of our trade — the pencil and paper.

Having already paid tribute to the pencil in The Ultimate Pencil Case and Pencil Sharp, it was time to turn our attention to paper.

We love the clean and simple layout of the covers on Gerstaecker artists’ pads so we thought they’d look amazing on the wall. Unfortunately the real pads are too heavy to hang and they are all sized differently.

However, we’re not ones to let something like this get in the way of a good idea, so we got busy creating a new set of covers, using a vibrant palette, large format print and some foamex to create this stunning piece of wall art. And it worked — we get lots of positive comments about them — one client likened them to Mr Warhol’s Soup Cans. We think they’re more Mondrian-esque, although they do have a touch of Thomas the Tank Engine about them as well!

All in all we think we’ve created a pretty special working environment that’s more like a gallery than an office. So why not come and visit us and see how our unique approach could paint a brighter picture for your business. The coffee’s on and admission to this gallery is always free.