Why WordPress?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a website content management system (CMS) and started life as a blogging tool. But it has grown to such an extent it’s used by over a quarter of ALL websites worldwide. This is because it’s flexible enough to create a one page blog or a huge international news site. Some well known examples are Reuters, UPS, PlayStation, Mashable, IBM, Samsung, Vogue, Sony, Mercedes, Blackberry, Coca-Cola… so if your site has been created in WordPress you can be assured you’re in good company!

We have recently revised our client’s Cory Riverside Energy, corporate identity and as part of their rebrand a new website was required. The website was built using WordPress, click HERE to visit.

So why does Make Complex Simple use WordPress when building a responsive website?

1. Usability — puts our clients in control, they are able to manage and update their entire website content themselves quickly and easily.

2. No hiring required — it is so easy to use our clients will not require specialised staff to keep their site updated. We produce a personalised user guide and give training sessions if required.

3. Flexibility — for us, WordPress gives the ability to create unique designs, it is extremely customisable for our developers to create a unique template for each of our clients.

4. Flexibility — for our clients, a WordPress website is scalable, they can create thousands of pages, blog posts, add images and video over time.

5. Save time — once the template is in place, it is a very quick process to get the site populated and up and running, again this cost saving is passed onto our clients.

6. Free — no one owns WordPress, it is open source, which means we can also pass this cost saving onto our clients.

7. Quick — WordPress is optimised for speedy page loading times.

8. Stay up to date — due to its popularity it is constantly being improved and updated with extra features and added security.

9. Extras — there are a myriad of features that can be added as plugins and they’re very user friendly to install, for example:

• Live chat
• Email and booking forms
• Social media share buttons
• SEO tools
• Video web page headers
• E-commerce

10. Easy to update — because WordPress runs through a web browser our clients can update their site from wherever they are, even on a mobile!

11. Responsive — gives a ‘true’ adaptive responsive experience — none of a website’s functionality is lost across different devices and platforms.

12. Adaptable — a website redesign is an easy process because WordPress uses themes. If our clients want to update their site or change the design our web developers can tweak the current theme or create a new one with no danger of loss of content.

Check out some of our other websites built with WordPress HERE.