20 tips for meaningful living

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What do you do?

This is often the question we get asked when we meet someone new.

Because in the West we are taught from a very young age that what we do and what we own are key components for measuring whether we are successful. As a product of that culture, I accept to an extent, that I am not immune to that value. I do place a big emphasis on my work, because a purpose-fuelled career gives me so much meaning.

I’m thankful, however, for the perspective that Yoga offers; that who we are and how we are, constitute the ultimate proof…

My latest newsletter included a curated list of great reads following a bit of a theme — how can we stay engaged, hopeful and productive in the face of threats from climate change?

If, like me, you have been seeking better leadership on this issue, then I encourage you to carve out some time to read, listen, watch and share those materials.

What I found most uplifting about each content piece was the absence of guilt, blame and shame. This is about all of us working together, in the ways we know — no one excluded.

There’s a hopeful and…

You cannot be both …

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Doing is great. You get through things, you be productive, you achieve.

But there’s another state that we often forget to revisit — being.

I am constantly in conversation with myself, asking: “What do I need right now?”

Sometimes the answer is DO. Get shit done! And with this intention I can suddenly move mountains… But other moments I recognise that doing is a distraction and it’s not feeding my soul.

So I pause and let go of the to-do list.

Being is hard to describe, it’s the softer side of humanity. It doesn’t bully…

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Something marvellous happens when people begin to settle into their own sense of calm. They gain a glimpse into the fact that the churning maze of thoughts in their heads is something they can choose to engage in or not.

Just because a thought pops up, doesn’t mean it is true and it doesn’t necessarily mean it is useful or insightful. Thoughts come and go — constantly. But you are not your thoughts.

Yet many people do believe their own thoughts. They can’t understand how someone could differ in their opinion, because, well — isn’t it just obvious?

As we age we can become more rigid in our thinking.

Consider children…

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Like many nuanced topics, the work-life-balance idea has been over-simplified to offer one of two options:

Either you’re a dedicated worker (who might wear busy-ness as a badge of honour).

Or you reject hard work in favour of a softer life (and perhaps you flee from hard yakka or discomfort whenever possible).

The hard worker might see rest or wellness as indulgence. The anti-worker sees discipline or dedication as meat-headed.

But to pursue either path is foolish. A life of constant hustle soon leads to meltdown; a life too lax, soon lacks purpose.

Yoga as a teacher

People who don’t practice yoga often assume…

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We don’t have to look far in this world, to find examples of people wanting to win arguments. As politicians and commentators volley insults back and forth across our media, the name of the game seems to be an end goal of shame and “shutting down” the opponent.

Sometimes these examples are closer to home — like an argument between partners about who has had the harder day. Or that unspoken glare in traffic between drivers of “are you stupid?” as two cars avoid a collision.

It is all too easy to slip into “I’m right, you’re wrong” thinking —…

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At the top of my to-do list I have two things listed out:

  1. I have everything I need
  2. People want to hear my message

These notes serve as a reminder not to let the inner critic overwhelm.

When I’m feeling behind, stressed that I don’t have enough time to get it all done, or worried that I won’t get enough people to my next course, I remind myself that I already have everything I need — an amazing partner in Tim, two gorgeous and funny girls, a supportive family, a warm home, yummy food and a solid and safe community…

As small business owners (and ergo — in most cases — small business marketers) we can often be driven by feedback from the wrong type of customer.

What do I mean by the wrong type of customer? The loudest, most critical or cynical customer — or more importantly, often *not* a customer — becomes the one we work hardest to serve.

You get a notification that someone has unsubscribed from your mailing list and think: “My content must be pissing people off.”

You chat to a friend at a party and they just don’t get it, so you think “I…

Do you ever feel that as you’ve grown older, things have become a bit more of a drag? Why isn’t every day more fun? Why are we so scared / worried / annoyed / tired (or just off in another world!) for so much of the time?

I’ve been playing around with the idea of how good a holiday is for us – in every way, but most noticeably when we go back to work.

Everything seems a little more effortless… don’t you agree?

If the answer is yes, get my slow-living guide below via the link.

It explores the idea that to be successful, we don’t necessarily have to work harder, faster and for longer.

Get the guide now

Enter a new era of business

Create an organisation where people thrive and great work happens.

Welcome to a worldwide movement, where meaning is the mindset. Business is now being viewed as a mechanism for people and the planet; a way to solve problems (not cause them) and a way to make life more interesting and fun.

This is not naivety talking. People are increasingly supporting meaningful businesses in how they shop and where they choose to work. A 2014 survey conducted by Deloitte found that focusing on purpose alongside profit builds business confidence and drives investment.

And many people are reconsidering what success means to…

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