Finding work that serves us


I often avoid the “what do you do,” question. Not because I don’t like talking about my work (just get me started!) but because it’s not immediately understood. It’s easier to say digital marketing, which is something I also do and happens to be more common (go figure! It wasn’t the case in 2008).

I find this interesting because what I’m essentially doing with Make Do. is reconnecting business and work to what I think is important: People and purpose.

This means designing the kinds of work places that foster good relationships between people, that allow space and time for them to express who they are, and do work that fulfils them. This means creating a culture that integrates families and friends, and (shock) outside interests. It means considering what business practices will help keep this planet habitable (is there any other option?), and the work habits that will keep humans healthy.

This is novel thinking, yes, which only goes to show how necessary it is. I hope that the longer I work on this business the more it makes sense.

Jack Hubbard, founder of Dream Valley Projects and the brains behind Bucket List Business Planning said: “We created business, business didn’t create us. So why do we do things for business’ sake.”

It’s this kind of thinking that is taking me on an exciting journey to India next week. I am joining The Happy Startup School on their Ashram: A week-long intensive for purpose-led entrepreneurs. I cannot wait to soak up the knowledge of the people in this group; people who understand that the future belongs to values-led leaders.

It’s still hard to fathom that this is happening. I can’t wait!

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