Going On A Road Trip? Download These Podcasts


As a rule I’m not a fan of long car trips. All that sitting around makes you feel fairly average. But one thing I do love about them is the change of pace they generate.

They’re perfect for catching up (really catching up); deep thinking, shallow thinking; music binges … And podcasts!

If you’re heading on a road trip these holidays, you might want to download some conversations with your favourite People of Purpose.

There’s a topic for everyone, from dealing with death (Angus Ford Robertson); starting a farm on the roof of an abandoned building (Chase Emmons); to building a global business from a side project (Abigail Forsyth); and composting your poo (Nick Ritar).

You can listen to them from the Make Do Co. mobile site, or download from iTunes or Soundcloud. Take your pick from the categories below.

Enjoy! And let me know your thoughts.

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