Learnings From A Week In India


Off the back of my trip to India with the Happy Startup School, I’m reflecting on some of the ideas we shared over the week.


  • What it really means to live by our own definition of success?
  • How we can create more value, not put in more time?
  • And how we can work with others to create a more human way of doing business.

All things considered, the idea of turning up to work on something you’re not excited about, with people you don’t connect to, while you wait for the chance to live the life you really want; seems crazy.

It sounds outdated and on its way out. Because it is (Read: 15 Shifts that happened in 2015).

A little story:

Running late for our flights in Chennai, we asked an official at customs if he thought we were okay for time. He didn’t say much, but the people around us started murmuring and asking who we were flying with. Eventually some guys told us to skip the queue and jump under the ribbon to the front (you would be crucified for doing this in Sydney).
 “Thank you so much. That’s really kind,” we said.
 (head waggle): “It’s the way,” he said. “You can’t wait for justice.”

Home now, but leaving a piece of my heart in India. I’m thinking about the justice I want to see and wondering whether I’m waiting.

I’ll be sharing more about the week soon, but in the meantime, read this article from the New York Times on being busy. It was published four years ago, but the message is as powerful now as it was then. I hope you find it useful too.

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