Boycott the referendum
Jason Miko

I wonder if Boycotting is enough to save our Macedonia.

Zaev’s puppeteer masters, as I am sure you will agree, are more inauspicious than we can fathom.

What if the sudden populist encouragement of the whole Boycott movement is more sinister than we think?

I can understand why the Boycott (#Бојкотирам) strategy appeals to the average Macedonian — by doing nothing, they think that will get the “job done”. 
But let me challenge those who are of full support and ask them what is their course of action if it fails?
Think about it this way for a moment:

The average free-thinking patriotic Macedonian citizen will adopt this idea and will boycott the referendum.

The opposition party (VMRO) do not support the referendum, thus indirectly encourage the boycott as well.

The Zaev government can manipulate the votes to accomplish reaching the necessary minimum for a successful referendum.
Then, VMRO has saved face since they were agains, and all the people who really did boycott it, will NEVER know the truth.
There is a great Italian proverb: “It’s no time to play chess when the house is on fire.”

It is time for a revolution.