A Letter to the People of Medium

Dear Medium Creatives,

It’s me, Nash. You know, the man-boy who writes about smoking pot with strangers and Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton 69ing each other.

Anyway, since we are a team, a community of learning scholars — I thought I could come to you with some questions, in hopes that you, learning scholars, could offer some advice. Here it goes.

While I am chasing my dream of becoming a respected writer; while I finish and create new projects: how should I make money in the meantime? I know there are plenty of things that I could do, but I want to do something that helps foster my learning and growth to master my craft.

I have tried some freelance stuff, but I feel like I have to pander, or create click-bait or something involving a list (I hate lists) in order to get my work published. I have a hard time pandering to to a broad audience. I’d rather write with my voice and be true to myself.

With that — do you have any suggestions on where I should submit my work or what job(s) that would be beneficial is my development?

Thank you Medium Creatives. You are an inspiration.

With love,

Nash Faulk

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