Chevy Says Our Volt Was Fine; We’re Not So Sure

It only took six days and more than a dozen phone calls and multiple failed attempts to tow it, but on Friday we received a call from the Chevrolet dealer telling us that all was fine with our 2015 Volt electric vehicle. We had previously blogged about our fail getting Chevy to help us diagnose it after they killed their staff department dedicated to EVs: see here.

We were told there was nothing to see here, just move along, when we asked the dealer to look at why in the world the car with 5,000 miles on it and in otherwise perfect condition went haywire. The entire electronics system had mysteriously failed, and all of the external lights had remained on even though they weren’t supposed to be. This continued for hours until the (regular car) battery eventually had no charge left. Complicating getting it towed was that the emergency brake couldn’t be released because the electronics were dead.

After a few days of looking at the car, the dealer called us back and said the diagnostic tests showed nothing was amiss. So we asked them to look at it one more time to make sure. That apparently still found nothing out of the ordinary. So they called us back Friday to give us the second thumbs up.

We picked up the car earlier today. Fingers crossed it will run OK, because if it doesn’t, we don’t have a lot of faith now that Chevy will help get it fixed with any alacrity.