Fun @HarrisTeeter That is Both Free & Expensive at the Same Time

Scene: Bringing the fam to H-T on a weekend afternoon following that day’s extracurricular activities to replenish the pantry after several weeks of no or very little shopping. Backdrop: One of the many new H-T grocery stores in your fair city, one you have not patronized before. Mission: Attempt to have some fun while also shopping with a demanding (yet very lovable) smaller one in tow.

Starting at the produce section, you can eat your way through the store. Grapefruit can be found sliced into pieces for the eating and they were quite succulent. In the bakery, there are mini samples of some sort of cake covered with your favorite … frosting (any type will suffice). Eat a half of a sample of that, with the lovable littler dependent of the makejdm blog consuming several such samples. Also sample some bread, including pumpkin bread with pumpkin-butter spread on it.

At the checkout, partly to deal with your anxiety about what will surely be a high bill, make a bet with the cashier, littler one and bagger about how big the total bill will be. Bets: Little person at $305, makejdm blog at $308, cashier at $310 and bagger at $340.

Watch with great interest as the cashier scans each item (also making sure the price was correct; it was). And the winner is … it depends how you tally up the bill.

Excluding a late-purchased item by the spouse of the makejdm blog, the total after a 35-cent reusable bag rebate (5 cents off for each bag you supply), the total was … $306.60. Ding ding ding! The makejdm blog wins, with son in second place, cashier in third and bagger in fourth.

BUT the cashier has an important caveat for you: She knew that wife of the makejdm blog would decide to make a late purchase for $3.29, bringing the total bill to $309.89. Under that rubric, she was the winner, this blog writer was second, little one third and bagger remains in fourth.

BONUS ROUND: As you wait for your Harris-Teeter savings to be summed up, estimate to the cashier how much they would be. You bet they would be $35. Actual amount saved: $41.40. Close, but no cigar. Still, the cashier admitted that this author had skills.

Thanks to the fun folks at H-T for making our expensive shopping experience that much more fun — all at no extra charge.