.#IVoted (Early)

Scenes from voting early today:

Arrive at the city’s early voting location a couple hours after it opened for this election. This followed a beautiful fall walk to the D.C. Board of Elections HQ from home. Once the son of @makejdm blog and the blogmeister arrived, we were blown away by something we’ve never seen in our fair District: Huge lines to vote early.

Indeed, the line numbered a couple hundred intrepid souls. It was hardly moving. So we diverted and listened to part of a rally for D.C. statehood/congressional voting rights. We heard a Republican speaker who said that, when it came to voting rights, there was no partisanship. He acknowledged the efforts of Eleanor Holmes Norton (D), representing the District in the House as a non-voting member.

An an impressive array of city council members spoke. One speaker, Ward One’s Brianne Nadeau (D), said she recently discussed with second-graders about the District’s situation. The students agreed it’s unfair. It’s that simple, she said.

We returned with son of the @makejdm blog and the wife in the late afternoon to try our hand at voting again. Still crowded, more than we’d ever seen before, but much less so than earlier. Poll workers and others agreed that they’d never seen an opening to early voting in the District that was nearly as busy as today. Even after the peak rush had passed, there was still a bit of a line.

After registering, we got a paper ballot, because the wait for electronic voting was longer.

And with that, our family voted.

Happy elections…

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