Willie the Itty Little Bitty Kitty Wasn’t On Our Shopping List

Despite decreeing repeatedly over the years and as recently as last week that we would be a one-pet family for the foreseeable future, we took the plunge and adopted an itty little bitty kitty today. Named Willie, the two-and-a-half-month old stray was among several kittens on display at a local pet store we visited to get an antler for our dog.

Partly to lure our youngest human family member into the store since it represented another errand on our shopping trip, we pointed to the cats up for adoption as an incentive to go in. It turned into a very effective lure for us to visit with the cutest, smallest, cross-eyed kitty of the bunch.

The name Willie confused us at first as to whether it was a boy or girl (we don’t believe in examining animals’ privates and instead like to ask about the gender). And in fact it continues to throw us a bit. But Willie, boy or girl, was an immediate hit.

It’s hard to describe what exactly tempted us to take the plunge, other than to say it was a combination of factors. Her eyes, which were each a different color and one not fully working, were just so, well, endearing. It reminded us of our one-eyed dog. And she was said to be super social, and acted that way, too. She purred very loudly and a lot, and seemed to really enjoy human company.

Probably what sealed the deal for us is that Alley Cat Rescue, which was running the adoption site, had a very simple adoption policy. And the policy increased (for us, at least) the pressure to adopt the same day. No home visit needed. No lengthy interview. Just sign a brief, plainly worded contract (don’t de-claw your cat, don’t let the feline outdoors, other commonsense things). And pay $100 for a kitten or $50 for an adult cat. And that was it.

The pressure point for us was that the rescue group didn’t seem to have a formal way to apply to adopt a cat at a later time. So not wanting to risk another person wanting to take her home (not too likely only because she had been there for about a month already), the makejdm blog called his lovely wife and asked if she would go for it. And of course she readily did, after asking a few questions which the author of this blog dutifully relayed to the adoption staffers.

We’ve never, ever, ever even considered adopting a pet spur of the moment. We have applied occasionally to adopt one, but all other times a lengthy process followed. Interviews with references and lengthy application form, visiting the animal at the foster home, visit by the adoption staff to our home, etc. So this Alley Cat Rescue process was entirely new to us.

While we’re not sure about the relative merits and drawbacks to this cursory process, we are glad beyond all measure that it resulted in Willie becoming the second four-legged creature in our little home.