This a first: MoB Session @ BLIP

We have cooked up an event to give you a taste of what Make or Break will feel like: welcome to the MoB Sessions.

The first MoB Session will take place on March 15th at Blip

These sessions will take place throughout the year in different venues, with different speakers and different subjects, but they all mean to keep the Make or Break spirit alive and kicking during the months prior to the event itself.

The first MoB Session will take place on March 15th, after-work, at Blip (thanks for having us!), and we have two awesome speakers eager to share their knowledge on topics that are probably bigger than life itself.

We’ll have Vânia Gonçalves, the founder of Geek Girls Portugal, telling us all about her eight-year journey to make space for the ladies in the Portuguese IT scene. We have wanted to embrace the Women in Tech quest more actively for a while now and we couldn’t have found a better ambassador than Vânia.

Then, Jorge Silva, who is a full-stack engineer at Blip’s Risk and Trading Team, will take the stage and give us a crash course about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. He’ll tell us all there is to know about the blockchain revolution that is happening right under our noses.

While we think this is juicy enough to keep you with us during the evening, we’re also throwing in some booze and a chit-chat moment by the time it all ends.

Attendance is free, so make sure to save some place in your schedule for the first MoB Session: March 15th, after-work, at Blip. All the details will be shared in the next few days.

See you in Porto,

Make or Break team

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