We live in a mean world.

We have been told lots of lies since we were born, from our parents, from our relatives, from our government, from our schools, from our employers. The bottom line being: We grew up hoping for greatness and ended up in a standardized cubicle.

If you are reading this and have not skipped yet to the next article, chances are you are properly defined by the above “We”.

As children, our parents worked hard to instil in our minds the idea that we were the best in the world and we could have gotten whatever we preferred, with no specific mention to anything sounding like “effort”.

We were promised to be rich and successful, to have unbelievable women/men prostrated at our feet. Each and every one of us was depicted as new God of late-XX century.

With that idea in mind, we flew to college in a tireless competition to earn the highest grades. Then moved from bachelor to master — in some cases, yielding a final certificate worth like a house.

We graduated. We secured an internship. We got a full time offer.

We were there, tired but there. Finally, we were at the peak of society, among loud hordes of serial lawyers, consultants, and finance guys. Our universities were proud of us. In our parents’ eyes, we made it. Their prophecy was correct: we were in fact Gods. So proud.

But as we started working at Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, Linklaters, we also started wondering whether was anything wrong with the prophecy. We had read and were told a lot about the awesome lives of investment bankers, those of travelling consultants and hard-to-resist attorneys. We wanted all of that, and society looked pretty clear about what were we about to pick.

…But they turned out to be almost all deceptive promises.

We started questioning ourselves.

Are we supposed to sit in a cubicle for 14/18 hours a day executing repetitive tasks, also during weekends? Are we fine with exchanging a life of discovery and creation for some status and yearly bonuses? Does the level of the base salary determine us as human beings? What are we losing when we accept to live frustrated with our job? How can we improve our life and overcome the sense of discomfort and sadness coming from the acceptance of well-worn predetermined paths?

Makeorbreakr (MoB) will address all of these problems and much more.

It is mainly intended for young investment bankers, consultants and lawyers.

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