Could city parks, empty space and places be turned into places of meaningful exchange? Artist Paul-Felix Montez was inspired by a broken foot, peace making and what could be done to involve and engage people in their place globally through peace making methods. A invitation to lunch on Hollywood blvd. changed his life, what if the Hollywood walk of fame could be re-defined into a interactive peace walkway, for peacemakers and then shared globally? His next idea became 100 miles 4 peace global project, 100 locations world wide, each with a one mile long walkway of bronze plaques (each a different peacemaker) all interconnected through an APP that reads each plaque and give full bio’s of all the peacemakers, and then interconnects all these places through many features. From just a walk in the park, to a global participation in peace making knowledge, methods, and events year round. Simple, easy to install, infinitely adaptable to any local design team, and creating a public place of meaning and value using old and new tech. Take a look at the project it may be a fit for your town, city, place, park, school campus. A place to connect with yourself, others, events, the history of courage and commitment and ways peacemaking is possible.

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