The United Nations has invited artist Paul-Felix Montez to speak at the U.N. in New York City for World peace day. His proposed project 100 miles for peace, is actually 100 one mile long peace walkways. Each walkway is made up of 250 different bronze plaques commenting a different peacemaker and are to be located in 100 different locations world wide.

The project then extends the reach of these 100 installations with it own augmented reality app, much like Pokemon go, except one finds a different peace maker appear at each plaque. Click on the image on your smart phone and a entire biographical background is presented in that person’s timeline. Along the timeline are Virtual reality moments which allow the viewer to step into an event and “live” it from the point of view of the peacemaker. In other words, you will enter the world of Mother Theresa, as she treats those who are impoverished and stricken by leprosy as they struggle and ask: “Why has god forsaken me?”, “Will I die soon”. How would you respond in these kinds of moments, to comfort another.

Another peace maker such as Martin Luther King would offer a moment to step into when he gave his stunning speech “I have a Dream”, the words would be his, but it would be you seeing the massive crowds listening and sharing their hearts for a such great cause. You will also be able to walk the train tracks of South Africa, surrounded by hundreds as Indian rail workers, as they stand up to oppression in Mahatma Gandhi’s first non violent protest. What courage it took to face one’s oppressors, is it yours?

The world of 21st century technologies allows simply to create empathy, broaden our knowledge and peace making abilities from the individual level, community, national into a global reality it can be realized at.

The project would possess another ability that would through the use of augmented reality, to be located anywhere in the world. To be placed through GPS co-ordinates in any conflict area as a gesture of what must be found to lead to “peace”. Thus it is “unstoppable” to bias, tyranny, bitterness and resentment or localized power politics. It through it’s vast network of millions that it would be able to announce it’s placement anywhere in the world and draw the ire, and attention to any divided land, place or peoples.

The trip is sponsored by Billion acts for peace which is funded by Google and many other major sponsors. Thus a meeting after the United Nations address for world peace day has already been set up to have Google assist in the App, augmented efforts and the vast virtual reality story telling of peacemakers. Many other companies also who’s efforts are technological will also be connected for this global, simple, effort.

“It is my aim to move us from YES WE CAN to YES WE ARE, to shift the global culture of war to a potential of a global culture of peace existing with as much or greater value to violent solutions. This but a small step but as a pebble in a in a pond, it will ripple into shelves hearts and mind of so many who will then take their inspired actions for peace making further.” Paul-Felix Montez.

You can see this project at it’s website: http://peacewalkway.org

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