Cannabis naturally grows up in the form of a single stalk. The single stalk then produces a large cola that has smaller colas on its lower branches. Although the natural way of growing cannabis often yields in healthy buds, there are many other methods to increase and improve the yields of a cannabis plant.

Using a trellis is one of the popular methods that many expert growers use for healthy and fast growth of cannabis. The technique is not only good for increasing yields but also keeping them strong and healthy. That is why trellising has become a widespread practice when it comes to harvesting cannabis successfully.


Moreover, the practice supports cannabis buds to grow by letting natural light penetrate through the canopy. Using trellises is very helpful to organize your cannabis garden, and this method makes working with plants easier. All you need to do is to use the wooden or metal framework to branch out your cannabis plants.

Before we find out how you can do it, understanding the trellising method is important.


In addition to that, topping out a cannabis plant allows branches to spread out while developing multiple corals. A trellis supports the direct growth of the plants by helping them grow into heavy buds from colas. The structure also increases space between the plants.


A vertical trellis, on the other hand, uses materials like wood rods, metals, and bamboo to make a solid frame around the cannabis plant. It has connecting pieces that run through the branches and wrap them. This way, plants get the support that they need to develop from buds.


Let’s take a look at the two growing techniques.


Garden Trellis Made with Structural Pipe

Outdoor cannabis grows can become vast if you manipulate their natural pattern by using a trellis. All you need is to bring some changes to the natural growth pattern of cannabis by topping the plants and creating space between them. It is an excellent way to promote and enhance the bushy growth. Besides this, adding additional space improves the genetics of cannabis and produces top-heavy yields.

For the best results, follow the given steps to trellis outdoor cannabis grows;

Step 1: Use a metal cage to surround the cannabis plant after transplanting it into the final home for the growing season. Make sure you use a sturdy metal cage that is secured with the strong bamboo stakes. The enclosure is for providing support to the large branches that may grow off their central stalk when you top the plant.

Step 2: When the branch grows out of the metal cage, use bamboo stakes to support them. You can use plant tie tape to direct the branches’ growth in one direction when they stretch.

Step 3: Build a frame around your cannabis plant pot to support its branches as they can grow out the pot’s diameter. You can construct square shape frames to cover the pots. Place the frame and use trellising to cover the top and side of the frame.

Conduit Pipe Garden Trellis

When branches go through the surrounded trellising, direct them in an upward direction. Angle them in a way they can receive adequate sunlight and grow in the direction that promotes healthy buds.


To prevent that from happening, begin your indoor trellising with organizing the plants into properly-spaced rows. The rows do not only keep plants organized but also helps you access all the portions of the plant during their growing phase. There are grow tables available to help gardeners organize plants in the rows. These tables are an easy way to allow plants to drain excess water quickly. These tables bring plants up to a convenient working height.

Moreover, these tables provide much-needed support for trellising and framing the rows. Once you frame the indoors cannabis plants, trellising them becomes a breeze. Roll the plant, stretch it, and then fasten the trellis on the grow table.

Grow Table Trellis with Maker Pipe’s 90 Degree Pipe Fittings

After this, use the grid pattern to direct the plants and support their buds when they start developing through the finely attached trellis. Taking this step allows light to focus strictly on the plant tops. The branches will receive equal light and grow into healthy and large yields.


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Our T-Connector, included in our Pro-Kit

The bottom line is that you can sidestep the hassle that comes with trellis kits comprising of wood and metal. EMT conduit, combined with high-quality pipe fittings, can provide a long-lasting solution that enables you to trellis your cannabis grow correctly and efficiently.


Trellising, in this regard, is a smart way to manage the growth process. It improves spacing between cannabis plants and promotes their growth by providing the right amount of light they need for optimal health and development.


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