Figuring out Rails

Today we started a new sprint and we have identified the tasks that we wanted to work on for the next 2 days:
1.In order to better understand the Http request and response cycle for a Rails application we drew a diagram, specifically for when a user submits the form, and it subsequently triggers the second turn of the request/response cycle, where the submitted data is saved into the database. The diagram will be later linked to this post.

2.Getting testing sorted, Nic and I had the task of getting some tests to pass, as soon we implemented the user sign up and sign-in features using devise, we immediately broke some of the existing tests. These tests require a user interaction to be able to pass, in other word the tests needs to simulate a user to have signed in. Unfortunately the task has not been completed yet and will require more research or we will potentially ask Ed during the unblocking morning session.

3.Florence and Aidan have mostly been trying to interact with the Rails and trying things out.This exercise has led us to understand more about database migrations and Schema. We have also implemented a user model and the relation with posts using the foreign key, so thanks to this 2 other features where implemented which are that a user can have many posts and can see the newer posts first.

At the end of the day we had our retrospective and decided on a plan for the following day.