Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

Ruth also works extensively with plastic surgeons, who refer patients to her for medical micropigmentation procedures such as areola re-pigmentation (the area surrounding the nipple of the breast), scar camouflage, and vitiligo treatment. She is especially gratified by her work with breast cancer survivors, whom she has helped recover not only physically but emotionally. Many of her clients report that they have a renewed sense of self-esteem and confidence thanks to Ruth’s artistry and compassion. Ruth is a professional permanent makeup los angeles artist and skin care specialist whose family has been in the aesthetics field for three generations. She studied at a fine arts school abroad for eight years, completing extensive courses in drawing, painting, sculpture, calligraphy and photography.

Permanent cosmetics is heralded as one of the finest aesthetic conventions, that is, if it is done correctly. At Ruth Swissa Permanent Makeup and Skin, we ensure the most quality equipment, proper training of our staff, safeguard of personal information, and most explicitly, we assure a subtle, yet noticeable permanent enhancement. Swissa believes that permanent makeup should be merely a complement to preexisting beauty of her patients. Using organic pigments derived from fruit and vegetable dye, Swissa uses methods such as the hair-stroke technique and the hand held applicator to achieve a seamless, fine look.

Permanent Eyebrows

Eyebrow tattoos, also known as permanent eyebrows, are the ultimate way to save time, enhance your facial appearance, and maintain a natural look. Eyebrows are the most important feature of your face. They frame the eyes and give the face expression. Brows that may be too light in color, too thin, sparse or even non-existent are can be filled in with natural-looking hair strokes or by micro-pigmentation, both processes Ruth uses for permanent eyebrows, and all permanent makeup generally.

At Ruth Swissa Los Angeles we study the shape and contours of your face, and its unique bone structure. Eyebrows are tweezed into their most flattering shape, utilizing each hair in the natural eyebrow tattoo los angeles. Then, corrections in their symmetry and enhancements to their shape are drawn in with pencil. Once you and Ruth have agreed on the shape, she will help you select the most complementary color for your skin and hair color.

Ruth Swissa offers the style that you can trust. Each of our clients leaves our studio with natural-looking permanent eyebrows that suit and enhance her individual facial expression. At Ruth Swissa, we never impose a one-size-fits-all style — instead, we tailor the style to your unique and individual aesthetic. We service permanent eyebrow in Los Angeles area.