Beauty by Self-Love.

A wedding is one of the most celebrated events of a bride’s life and she approaches that day with a mix of excitement, a bit of anxiety, a need to have everything done perfectly and eagerness for the new life about to begin. It all stretches ahead of her.

We all respond differently to the mix above. One thing is certain though, the day approaches certainly. I would always recommend getting help with planning a wedding. Either professionally or from competent family members and friends. Even with all the help in the world, a number of things still fall to you for execution like checking out your new house and making arrangements for renovations and/or furnishings where necessary, moving in, deciding on bridesmaids, choosing your rings, deciding on a dress and having dress fittings, finding the perfect shoes, meetings with your hairstylist and makeup artist and counseling sessions where you wish. Combine all of these with your perfectly normal life. That can be pretty intense.

The first person to consider though is yourself. As you begin the process or if you are already in the process of preparing for your wedding, put your self first. Consider the following questions: 1. How will my current lifestyle affect my emotions as I plan for this event? 2. What end results do I want to have?

I often hear people say, two years after the wedding, everything is a blur. Only the photos remain. I’d take that a step further, you will also remember how you felt on the wedding day. Were you tired, stressed, upset, happy, energetic, rested? Did you wakeup that morning calm and at peace? Or were there a number of details you wanted to look into at the last minute?

To look your absolute best on the wedding does not depend on makeup alone. Like I had mentioned earlier, the first person to consider is you. Beauty starts with good skin, a well rested body and calmness of soul.

Your lifestyle affects your skin’s conditions. I know firsthand that it is much easier to make beautiful skin even better with makeup than it is to cover, conceal, brighten and emphasize with makeup.

Self love is key. Take care of yourself by eating right, drink plenty of water, get a lot of sleep (I cannot overemphasize this. Many a touchy bride just need some extra hours of sleep), cut down on alcohol, sugar drinks and caffeine intake.

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, cut down on carbs and artificial sugars, cut down on white flour. I know there will be food samplings, cake tastings, plus lots of pre wedding parties and showers to attend. Enjoy every single one, of course. Bear in mind as you do, that you show your body some kindness by eating right. Your diet has an overall effect on how you feel and look.

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