8 Things Your Salon Does Not Want You To Know

Your salon looks inviting, and it smells nice. The music it plays soothes you. The attendant’s bright pearly smiles and courteous behavior regale you.

You are blown away by the housekeeping and the well-mannered staff.

Now get blown away by this — no matter how fantastic your salon seems, you may be at risk from bacterial, viral and fungal infections every time you visit it!

Dr. Robert Spalding, author of “Death by Pedicure,” has this to say about salons in the US — “75 percent of salons in the United States are not following their own state protocols for disinfectants.”

If that’s the case in USA, guess what percentage of Indian salons will not be following the state laws or protocols. 100% — because there are no state protocols for salon hygiene. Even if there are, who cares — after all this is India, and a small bribe will buy the salon owner all the hygiene the government has.

Here’s a list of essential to-dos that all or most hair salons do not follow.

How Salons Slip Up

  1. Has any salon ever turned a paying customer away? Even if she is sick to her platelets with Dengue or has HIV or hepatitis? Or has different species of fungi growing in her nose?No way.The salon will not refer their customer to a doctor.
  1. They will snip, tuck, apply and beautify and collect her cash courteously. You don’t expect your stylish to chirp happily, “Duhling, I nicked a HIV positive’s cheek today and am unsure if our disinfectant is working properly!Then follow it up with, “Guess what, I’m using the same instrument on ya! Boy, ain’t I happy I helped out a HIV person today! ”
  2. Most Indian male hair stylists have received training in seedy backyards and alleys where they have fought with scissors, ustras, etc. Makeup application pros could have attended cosmetics school where classes were likely conducted by a woman who weighed 250-pounds and looked absolutely ghastly with makeup on.Other sources of training could be online, where even serial killers and transvestites can post videos on how to apply makeup sublimely and look like a fairy princess.Long story short, it’s possible that the guy or gal beautifying you knows jack and probably moonlights as a racketeer.
  3. Hey, did you know that all salon wounds don’t have to bleed? Yup, you read that right. Manicure/pedicure equipment, files, electric cutters, drills, etc., can scratch and infect, without drawing blood!Conversely, a mafia gang member who has indulged in a knife duel can walk into your salon with non-bleeding cuts. His germs will then get transferred on to an instrument which may likely end up infecting you because the disinfectant wasn’t current.
  4. 9 times out of 10 the salon pro will con you into paying more.
  1. Suggestions will be made:“Duhling, you skin’s very dry, should I use a tantric enriched tea tree oil to fix it?“Duhling, I figure Azature’s Black Diamond Nail Polish will look great for that house warming party you’re organizing this week.”If you’re in the mood, you will likely nod. That’s the point the bill starts showing signs of pregnancy.By the way, did you know that Azature’s Black Diamond Nail Polish costs $250,000 a bottle? Sob.
  2. You may have seen a microwave-like black box inside all salons. According to legend, this piece of equipment sterilizes used salon instruments in a jiffy.Well, the legend’s wrong. This equipment’s probably doubles up as a sauna bath and gossip hangout for bacteria.Your salon must own equipment that sterilizes instruments with steam and high pressure. Then it must sterilize instruments using pouches that change colour to confirm sterilization is successful.Don’t waste your time looking for such equipment in your salon. Use that time to hope and pray for the best.
  3. Do not allow your salon pro to shave your legs before a pedicure because shaved legs are full of nicks and therefore vulnerable to infections. Ask Radhe Maa if you don’t believe me.
  4. Here’s some really bad news — items such as pumice stones,
  1. nail buffers and foam separators must be replaced after use. If reused, these will turn your body into Dante’s hell for Thermodesulfobacteriaceae, an evil bacteria with an unpronounceable name.You’re better off carrying your own pumice stone et al when you visit your salon.

8. The water used in Indian salons is another story altogether.

Given our poor water utility systems, your salon likely would have purchased a tanker from the water mafia and used it without purification. So, the water used to administer an ultra luxe scalp treatment may likely be contaminated with gases, funny-named salts, colloidal impurities, metal dross, algae, fungi and some more evil bacteria. Ouch!

This more or less covers the spawn in your salon.

Okay, now I gotta call my salon to cancel my pedicure appointment.

Feature Image Credit: india-forums.com

Originally published at makeupinindia.in on October 26, 2015.