Give me some basic skincare hygiene tips

  • Do not place your hands on your face unless they’re clean. Unclean hands are breeding grounds for bacteria, which can get transferred on to your face, causing pimples.
  • Speaking of pimples and acne — never ever pick on them. Let them lie peacefully. Remember your picking can cause facial scars.
  • Always use non-comedogenic cosmetic products. Comedogenic products block pores and cause facial havoc.
  • Never overdo makeup. Use the barest minimum. Why? Because all cosmetic products contain chemicals.
  • Wash your face before applying any nutraceutical product before bedtime. And apply the product at least one hour before sleeping.
  • Do not share your makeup with anyone.
  • Always clean (regularly) makeup tools like brushes, combs, sponges, pumice stones, etc.
  • Change pillow covers and bedsheets regularly (to rid them of mites and bacteria).
  • Avoid products that contain a whole lot of alcohol. Such products strip away skin oils.
  • If you’re passionate about skincare, follow this regimen daily or regularly as the case may be.

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