List some interesting facts about mascara.

i) The world’s first mascara was made using crocodile dung. Imagine dung on eyelashes!

ii) Women open their mouth while applying mascara because an open mouth stops blinking.

iii) Don’t share mascaras. It can spread communicable eye infections such as conjunctivitis.

iv) Mascara was the first waterproof cosmetic to be marketed.

v) Mascara contains guanine — a colourant derived from fish scales.

vi) Average lifetime of a mascara is 3–4 months once opened.

vii) Remove mascara before sleeping because it can break your eyelashes. Dry mascara makes the eyelashes hard and brittle, and therefore susceptible to damage.

viii) On an average, women spend $4000 on mascara during their lifetime.

ix) In 1930’s Lash Lure, a permanent mascara was banned because it blinded many women.

x) Revlon is the mascara-in-a-tube pioneer. In 1960, Revlon introduced the first coloured mascara.


Pumping mascara wand in and out of the tube causes air to enter the tube. The air dries out the mascara faster. This causes mascara to clump and flake off after application.

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