Stapled Nose Halloween Face

Don’t want to do a lot of work for the halloween face? Get nosey:

The creepy bruised and stapled nose is creepy and yuck enough to complete the halloween face. Pull it off this way:

  • Make a thread like pattern by rolling wax in your hands. Place it on your nose.
  • Blend in the edges with the help of spatula. Apply foundation on the area and set it with translucent loose powder.
  • Use a toothpick to dig a vertical line into wax. Lightly stretch the skin around your nose to part the two sides.
  • Apply blood gel in between the two layers to create depth and dab some blue and red eyeshadow around nose and eye bags to create bruise-like marks.
  • Using a solder wire make small staples and tug them one by one on your nose.

Wohh! Here’s your terrific stapled nose!

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