Best Restaurant in Amritsar Near Majitha Road

Makhan fish is a celebrated name in the hospitality industry. Soothing tasty vegetarian food and ambiance, lovely interior, Makhan Fish Majitha Road Amritsar takes you on a journey to gastronomical satiation.

We serve the type of food we know how to cook best. That’s why Makhan Fish Majitha Road Amritsar is reckoned among the top places to eat in Amritsar. Every gastronomical treat here is rich in texture, smell or colors and prepared with entire hygiene, keeping the taste of guests in mind.

Our menu allows our guests to choose either a whole meal or single things for dinner and lunch. We also offer regional foods through awide range of Thalis recorded in our food menu. A team of seasoned and creative chefs at the restaurant is skillful in adding them in a precise manner to bring a unique, lip-smacking dish in addition to playing with spices and flavors.

Makhanfishis amongst the Best Restaurant in Amritsar,which is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, best quality food, and an unforgettable dining experience.

Punjab is the northern state known for its lively culture and individuals. The state is rich in offering assortments of cuisines that’s made their existence in other parts of the nation but also internationally. The food consists of both non- vegetarian and vegetarian and the assortments are immense. The folks not only of Punjab but outsiders and voyagers love the cuisine additionally.

What makes the food especial that if folks once taste it never forget to order it while dinning outside. If you see the state, the food there will have the typical conventional Punjabi touch in it. Most of the dishes are known for their spiciness and remarkable use of uncooked and powdered spices. Use of clarified butter is amost important feature in the Punjabi cuisines. Nearly in every dish, you will find that there is a great amount of it get into it. Within inside the state vegetarian food,it is one of the best Restaurant in Amritsar is famous and travelers are visiting the city and state or passing buy stop their vehicles from getting the bouquet and flavor of the food. Popular dishes and it’s famous are Makki- de- sarso and roti da saag, various types of parathas.

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Best Restaurant in Amritsar