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Somebody’s Eyes Are Turning Brown

Aloha Rob,

I enjoyed your critique, but I completely disagree that Angela “owned” the plumber. If you did not notice how absurd this scene was, then perhaps you are too young to fully grasp the scope of the diverse occupations that operate in our economy, or you may just be like Sam Esmail who apparently lives within the walls of the film industry and forgets that an entire world exists outside of it.

Angela boasts that she makes six figures. NYC plumbers average over $100k a year, and the last time I checked that was also six figures. Anyone who works in corporate and/or financial America will tell you that people claiming they make six figures usually mean they make between $100–200k. Do you think for a second that a New York stockbroker making $250k a year would brag that he makes six figures, or do you think he brags that he makes a quarter million a year?

Plumbers, especially ones who are established and have been in the business 40 years like the character, usually own their own business. They employ others, serve others by fulfilling a need from the public, and they often have loyal customers who rely on their expertise for emergency situations. Plumbers are usually entrepreneurs, and to survive they need to have qualities including a strong ethic, a strong business acumen and perseverance. I don’t have a problem with snot nose Angela trying to demean the plumber. My issue is how the writers want us to believe that the plumber would actually be dejected from her remark. In reality, a NYC plumber of 40 years would have stood proud against her immature and narrow minded ridicule. Ironically, in the real world the plumber would “own” Angela, aka Sam Esmail. Why? It’s simple. Angela’s long term survival is dependent on the expertise of a plumber since she would otherwise croak from being so full of crap.


Pdiddy in Paradise.