the power of choosing well

when someone gives you a bunch of flowers, you have a choice. you can choose to enjoy the delight and beauty of the flowers blooming in a vase, and the lovely gesture of such a gift. or you can choose to see it as a tragic opportunity of watching something that once was living die, and even more tragic that someone paid good money for them.

attitude is everything, and attitude is made up of small choices.

it’s similar with choosing an agency to work with, and then how you choose to work with them. you can choose to build a relationship with the team, ensuring that communication is clear, and that they are set up to be able to deliver exactly what it is you as the client are after. ultimately everyone is seeking the same goal: success, and so why not choose to work with each other to get to that end goal? the alternative option is to choose to treat them like they work for you, and squeeze every penny out of them.

on the agency side, we have a choice to make too. as making pretty, we are picky when it comes to choosing who we work with. we always see our work as a collaboration, working with our clients, as well as for them. (quoted direct from our website,) we pride ourselves in building good quality relationships. we know that design work is a big deal, and a relationship requires trust on both sides, so we make it our mission to earn your trust.

trust is made up of small actions.

we strive to stick to our word; we strive to be truthful in all we say; we strive to be authentic in our delivery; we strive to be strong in our communication and a pleasure to work with.

there is a danger that that can come across as empty words, and we never want to say words for the sake of words. come to our studio for a chat, and suss us out for yourselves; we love hosting meetings.

we’re on a mission to make the world that bit prettier, and you could be a part of it!