Kubernetes に Falco を展開してアプリケーションの挙動をモニタリングする

enabling container security with Falco

Oct 16, 2018 · 13 min read
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about Falco

deploy Falco to kubernetes cluster

$ git clone https://github.com/falcosecurity/falco
# 先程 clone した repository
$ cd falco/integrations/k8s-using-daemonset/
$ ls -F
falco-event-generator-deployment.yaml k8s-without-rbac/ k8s-with-rbac/ README.md

ServiceAccount and ClusterRoleBinding

$ kubectl apply -f falco-account.yaml
serviceaccount/falco-account created
clusterrole.rbac.authorization.k8s.io/falco-cluster-role created
clusterrolebinding.rbac.authorization.k8s.io/falco-cluster-role-binding created



# ConfigMap の内容を配置する directory を作成する(別にどこでもよい)
$ mkdir falco-config
# config の雛形を配置する
$ cp ../../../falco.yaml falco-config/.
# 編集する
$ vi falco-config/falco.yaml
# json での output を有効にする
json_output: true

# program_output で slack の webhook を設定する
enabled: true
keep_alive: false
program: "jq '{text: .output}' | curl -d @- -X POST https://hooks.slack.com/services/foo/bar/baz"

各種 rule

$ cp ../../../rules/falco_rules.* falco-config/.
$ kubectl create configmap falco-config --from-file=falco-config/
configmap/falco-config created


# updateStrategy の type を RollingUpdate にしておく
$ vi falco-daemonset-configmap.yaml
updateStrategy: # 追記
type: RollingUpdate # 追記
# DaemonSet 作成
$ kubectl apply -f falco-daemonset-configmap.yaml
daemonset.extensions/falco created
# Pod が正常に起動しているか確認しておく
$ kubectl get pods -l name=falco

Verify Falco behavior

# Falco の pod で bash を起動する
$ kubectl exec -ti falco-4xfp9 bash
# exit する
root@falco-4xfp9:/# exit
# Falco の log を確認する
$ kubectl logs --tail 1 falco-4xfp9
{"output":"12:16:40.439277259: Notice A shell was spawned in a container with an attached terminal (user=root k8s.pod=falco-4xfp9 container=5fdb0a349c31 shell=bash parent=<NA> cmdline=bash terminal=34817)","priority":"Notice","rule":"Terminal shell in container","time":"2018-10-16T12:16:40.439277259Z", "output_fields": {"container.id":"5fdb0a349c31","evt.time":1539692200439277259,"k8s.pod.name":"falco-4xfp9","proc.cmdline":"bash ","proc.name":"bash","proc.pname":null,"proc.tty":34817,"user.name":"root"}}
- rule: Terminal shell in container
desc: A shell was used as the entrypoint/exec point into a container with an attached terminal.
condition: >
spawned_process and container
and shell_procs and proc.tty != 0
and container_entrypoint
output: >
A shell was spawned in a container with an attached terminal (user=%user.name %container.info
shell=%proc.name parent=%proc.pname cmdline=%proc.cmdline terminal=%proc.tty)
priority: NOTICE
tags: [container, shell]

slack webhook

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enabled: true
keep_alive: false
program: "jq '{username: \"falco\", icon_emoji: \":eagle:\", attachments: [{fallback: \"Falco Alert\", footer: .time, color: \"danger\", fields: [{title: \"Rule\", value: .rule, short: true}, {title: \"Priority\", value: .priority, short: true}, {title: \"Pod\", value: .output_fields[\"k8s.pod.name\"], short: \"true\"}, {title: \"Command\", value: .output_fields[\"proc.cmdline\"], short: \"true\"}, {title: \"Output\", value: .output, short: false}]}]}' | curl -s -d @- -X POST https://hooks.slack.com/services/foo/bar/baz"

tag による rule の絞り込み

# DaemonSet を更新する
$ kubectl edit daemonsets falco
- args:
- /usr/bin/falco
- -K
- /var/run/secrets/kubernetes.io/serviceaccount/token
- -k
- https://kubernetes.default
- -pk
- -T # 追記
- shell # 追記
# falco の args に -T shell を追加する
# 先程 updateStrategy を RollingUpdate にしていれば自動的に pod は再作成される
$ kubectl get pods -l name=falco
$ kubectl logs --tail 1 falco-6krnp
Tue Oct 16 12:42:37 2018: Disabling rules with tag: shell
$ kubectl logs --tail 1 falco-dbm9f
Tue Oct 16 12:59:41 2018: Enabling rules with tag: shell

How to update falco config

$ kubectl set env daemonset falco RELOAD_DATE="$(date)"

Host 側のセキュリティもチェックできる

# kubernetes の node 側で確認できる
$ lsmod | grep falco_probe
falco_probe 618496 4
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