Recovered High School Dramatic Scene

The wet, stinking mud soaked through my corduroy pants as I kneeled. The thick black bag over my head blocked out all sunlight, if there had been any. I could feel the rain trickle through the back of my collar and run down my back and my arms, joined together by tightly wound zip ties. I felt cold. A chill that ran off the river and into my bones, making me shiver as I waited for my fate. I heard a van roll up about fifty meters behind me, the door rolled back and someone shouted “OUT!” Two small and muted feet hit the gravel and started toward me. They were unsure, as if a child taking his first steps. The person took a sharp intake of breath and let out a moan. A moan I knew. It was her. My partner in crime, my vagabond, my love. “Get down.” the man ordered, and shoved her next to me roughly. “Wait, who else is here? You said it would be just me.” I almost laughed. “You don’t even recognize me princess?” I asked. She started to cry. “Take off the bags.” And I could see. We were on a small gravel beach next to a lake, not a river, and the rain was coming down harder than I had realized. A rumble of thunder was heard in the distance. I looked over at her and said “I’m sorry. I didn’t lock the back door, its my fault.” Her makeup had run into her eyes, and her hair was a mess. My mother would be so disappointed. She just turned away and cried more, pretending that this whole mess had never happened. My hands were cut free but when I tried to rise I was shoved down again. “Do not move.” came from one of the thugs. I heard the handgun being drawn, and I knew that for once in my life, I had nowhere to run. I held her hand, she held onto me. “No more tears now.” I said “We’ll be alright.” The gun cocked, and I felt the barrel press into my skull. “Just hold on, we’ll get through this.” “I know” she said. I looked forward, my face pressed softly into the void. “Just hold on, just-“

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