Ether 10: Greeter, the best kept secret tutorial

In the past blog posts, I did video walk through of Ethereum tutorials on their website, such as token and dao.

However, there is actually another tutorial called Greeter. It used to be linked from Ethereum website, but looks like removed at some point. This is a very simple tutorial to show “Hello World” but I found this very important because this tutorial helps you to understand how to programmatically interact with Ethereum contracts (and I think everybody who is running Solidity language wants to write a Dapp, Decentralized applications), as oppose to interacting via Ethereum Wallet. This tutorial is easier to follow through as you can simply copy&paste the code, but it was still missing a few bits such as.

  • How to go into a console (geth) so that you can copy&paste the code?
  • If you do not have a Solidity contract compiler installed on your machine, how to transform the information on the web compiler into command line?

To overcome these last hurdles, I created a video walk through of this great tutorial.

Here are the links I mentioned on the walk through

And here are some of the geth commands I showed.

# Attach to existing geth node
geth attach
# Show your account detail
geth --testnet account list
# Start geth console in testnet
geth --testnet console

You are almost there. After finishing this, you should now be ready to write a web app that interacts with Ethereum, and I will go into more detail in the next blog post.