Apple Employees Locked in Dungeon Cells

Adam Lashinsky, senior editor for Fortune magazine, spoke for Microsoft Research in 2014, who wrote a book called Inside Apple. He did a research on how Apple is running its multi billion-dollar corporation and discovered that Apple does everything differently than what other businesses do.

Apple is known to be very sensitive and protective with secrecy and they have strict codes for employees. Of course, employees are not allowed to speak publically about what they do inside Apple but they also cannot talk among themselves. Apple categorizes employees into their specialty and forbids collaborating with co-workers and departments. Every department has a head called the DRI (Directly Responsible) and has no general managers that oversee several departments. Apple has a very classical management organization structure, which is rarely seen nowadays with businesses.

Each person within the department has different accesses to levels of secrecy and inside the Apple campus there are walls, locked doors that only certain people have access too, and offices with tinted windows. Transparency is absolutely zero and collaborations among employees are strictly forbidden. Each employee is assigned to do a specific task and allowed to do only what they are told to do so. Even every DRIs have different levels of accesses to Apple’s secrecy.

I believe this structure for an organization works best with dictatorship, and the dictator has to have a clear vision. After Steve Jobs died, in my opinion, Apple products are not as much fascinating as it used to be. Jobs had a clear vision in what people wanted but recent products from Apple are “too simple”, dysfunctional, and unattractive. For example, Apple Pay, which is a payment system that allows iPhones to pay electronically with a simple touch is dysfunctional; Apple Watch’s esthetics is not accepted to the people yet. Still, including me, there are a lot of Apple users and Apple is far from losing the game yet. To improve their products, Apple should start to collaborate ideas among employees to come up with ideas other than keeping the ideas in a locked cell.

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