How organizations (schools) should deal with policy changes

This week in class we covered the topic organizational change, which basically means how organizations deal with changes within their environment. The changes may either be positive or negative but changes in general is a challenge for organizations.

We touched and discussed how organizations should deal with policy changes. We discussed if our school was to ban electronic devices in classes, how should the school notify the new policy to workers and students? We had a lot of opinions but the best way I think is by sending emails and posting fliers everywhere. Also set up a survey to see how workers and students think of this new policy change. If the vast majority says the policy of banning electronic devices should not be in effect, then the school should consider not changing the policy. I believe it is always important (in these cases) to listen to the students’ voices since there are the most important resource in schools.

I think banning electronic devices is a good option (except for note takers for disabilities and students with learning difficulties). Students have the freedom to choose how they want to learn but I believe humans in general cannot handle such multitask especially in classroom environments. As a student, I always see students with their laptops surfing the Internet (especially social networking sites) and it is distracting and I see no reason why the school should not ban electronic devices. The majority of the students are NOT taking notes on computers and doing something else.

Ultimately, the students are paying the tuition, nobody cares what they do in classrooms. I believe so too. I’m one of those students who want to make the most out of it, I will never use a electronic device in class. It is just distracting for myself.

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