If I were to say that lately things have been rough, I am grossly minimizing it. At the time when I started writing this, it was April 22, 2020. It is now May 12 and we are still knee deep in the world’s biggest “fuck you” to humanity, otherwise known as the COVID-19 pandemic.

This pandemic is, let’s face it, a trauma that is a globally collective, yet simultaneously a highly individualized experience. Folks may be quarantined with total strangers, stranded in another country, with families, with their partners, away from their partners, with roommates, with exes, with pets, in…

Organization: City of Burnaby | Project focus: UX, responsive web| Role: UX designer |Year: 2015

01 | Summary

The City of Burnaby is one of Metro Vancouver’s largest municipalities. As a government body, engagement with the public is key and the website is one of the primary touchpoints that the organization and citizens use for engaging with one another.

Analytics showed that 48% of web traffic was via mobile devices. At the time, the website was not optimized for mobile experience. This meant that citizens were receiving an undesirable user experience as they tried to access information on the go.

It became a…

Renée Mak

Renée is a UX/UI designer and artist based out of beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Circus, bicycles and cats make her happy.

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