Finding a Lawyer for Xarelto Side Effects Lawsuit

Xarelto refers to a brand name of a generic coagulant or blood thinner medication rivaroxaban. This blood thinner is manufactured by Janssen pharmaceuticals which is a subsidiary company of Johnson & Johnson (J&J) company. Xarelto works by decreasing the clotting ability of blood and therefore it prevents the possible formation of clots that are harmful in the blood vessels of a human being. Xarelto was approved for use in the year 2011 by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) department of the U.S.A. Recently, there have been numerous lawsuits filed against the manufacturers of Xarelto due to the many side effects of Xarelto.

Xarelto Side Effects
Xarelto is known as a new-generation blood anticoagulant that belongs to a class of drugs referred to as direct thrombin inhibitors. This drug which is a blood thinner was used in the reduction of the risk of strokes and blood clots. It was marketed as an easy alternative to another blood thinner of an older generation referred to as Warfarin due to its ease of use. The manufacturers claimed that this blood thinner was easy to use as it did not require strict medical monitoring. However, Xarelto was faced with claims that it had some links to the rising cases of hemorrhaging (uncontrollable bleeding). It also has some common side effects which cause the user certain complications like;

• Back pain
• Dark brown or urine that looks reddish
• Bowel or bladder issues
• Difficulties in breathing and swallowing
• Burning or itching sensations
• Headache
• Black or reddish-colored stools

It is claimed that this new generation of blood thinners does not come with an antidote unlike the anticoagulants of the older generation. This is one of the most serious Xeralto side effects as it meant that any form of cut, injury or internal bleeding could be fatal since the victim could suffer from hemorrhaging. The type of internal bleeding caused by Xarelto cannot be reversed as there is no known cure or antidote currently.

Other side effects of Xarelto
There are also some other forms of side effects of Xeralto that most other victims have complained of after they used this blood thinner. These side effects include; infections that are closely associated with knee or hip replacement surgeries, cerebrovascular accidents which might lead to cerebral hemorrhage and decreased hemoglobin. Other effects include hematoma where one has a semisolid mass in their blood, dyspnea where one has difficulty in breathing and peripheral edema (lower limbs swelling).

If you are currently using Xeralto, it would be important to avoid all activities that have the potential of causing external or internal bleeding. This is the only temporary step you could take in order to avoid suffering the serious side effects of using Xeralto. If you have already suffered from any injuries, complications that can be linked to use of Xeralto then it would be prudent to file a lawsuit. In order to file a successful lawsuit against the manufacturers of Xeralto, you will first of all require finding a Lawyer Xeralto side effects.

Finding a Lawyer Xarelto Side Effects
If you have suffered from all the above complications and injuries that result from the use of Xeralto, you are free and justified to file a lawsuit against its manufacturers. In order to be successful at this, it is important that such a person gets the best product liability lawyer to handle the suit on their behalf. It will be prudent to ensure that such a lawyer is experienced in handling similar matters as well as specialized in product liability law. This will be of great help to your case as they will have to show and prove beyond reasonable doubt that indeed the product Xeralto was defective and was responsible for the injuries. An experienced lawyer will also be in a good position to advice you accordingly about the options you have once you inform them about your condition.

Other important aspects to consider when finding a good lawyer include their location, to ensure that it is not far away from either your home or office. This greatly reduces the costs involved in travelling the lawyer’s offices to get briefs on the progress of the suit. The rates charged by the lawyer are also important to consider before agreeing to their services. It is often important to consider if they charge per hour or per visit so as to ensure that you are in a position to afford their services or not. It is also good to ensure that the lawyer is also allowed by law to practice as an advocate and that they are qualified for the job. Sometimes it is important to check their reputation or that of their law firm in handling similar matters in order to gauge the chances of success you have with your matter.

Reasons for Filing a Xarelto Lawsuit
As listed above, there are various reasons why people file lawsuits against the manufacturers of Xarelto in the hopes that they can be adequately compensated. First is the financial hardship that one suffers from due to the numerous hospital visits, lost wages and the cost of ongoing care. The second reason could be the emotional distress that family members suffer when they take care of their loved ones who suffer various complications and injuries due to the use of Xarelto. One could also claim compensation for the burden they bear in meeting the funeral expenses of loved ones who died due to excessive bleeding caused by the use of Xarelto. It is also possible to institute a lawsuit against the manufacturers of Xarelto for releasing to the market a dangerous drug.

If you were to observe all the above facts on finding a lawyer for your Xarelto lawsuit, you could be successful at getting adequate compensation from the courts. However, at the moment most lawsuits against Janssen pharmaceuticals are at a discovery stage as most facts are still being unearthed by the various lawyers instituting these suits. If you are a victim of the complications and injuries caused by Xeralto, have suffered or seen a loved one suffer from them then this is the best moment to institute your lawsuit.